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When looking to hire a janitorial service that you can trust, there are certain expectations you should have. You want to be certain that when you leave your business and the cleaning crew comes in, you know that you can trust them and that your office is in the best hands.

Here are the 5 things that make a Great Commercial cleaning service:

Reliability and Confidentiality
Reliability and Confidentiality are one of the two main concerns for many companies when choosing a commercial cleaning service.  A  reliable  cleaning service will pride itself on being dependable,secure and trustworthy. A good cleaning crew will come in, do their job and make sure to leave everything just as it was when they arrived.

Prompt Service   
Punctual, on-time service is extremely important, especially if you have
alarm codes at your business.  Cleaning crews that arrive on time and stay
until the job is finished. A good commercial company will work according
to your schedule.

Environmental Friendly Supplies   
A professional cleaning service will make sure to use safer products for
their cleaning crews and the clients. By using Eco-friendly supplies
we also help the Eco-system by reducing pollution to our water ways. A
good cleaning service will always look for ways to use non-harmful,corrosive materials.

Commitment to Excellence
A commercial cleaning service committed to a high standard or excellence will take the necessary steps to 100% satisfy each and every client. They will go above and beyond, in order to ensure that each client is getting top of the line cleaning services.

Our Reputation Is Everything
Office Keepers is committed to providing the highest quality janitorial services to our customers by customizing a complete cleaning solution plan that matches your organizations needs. Our team members are carefully vetted, certified and receive ongoing training along with the right tools to ensure the highest level of service. Office Keepers has strict quality control standards and procedures in place to ensure a worry free cleaning experience for our clients. This includes scheduled supervisory visits, customer feedback questionnaires and detailed documentation of the services provided. We are committed to customer service and ensure that our clients receive the value and quality they expect from a professional cleaning service provider.



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