How to Safely Clean Your Electronic Equipment

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There are a number of ways of cleaning your electronic products. But most of the people are not aware of these various methods. To clean your TV, laptop, phone and tablets display it is not advisable to use a cloth. If you give more pressure on your electronic device it may occur any scratches or damages. So use a microfiber for removing dust from electronic devices.

The Best Methods For Cleaning Your Electronic Screens

• First, you must unplug your TV or turn off any electronic device before you are going to clean.
• Microfiber cloths are more suitable to clean your device.
• Maintain a circular motion to wipe the screen from top to bottom.
• Add just two drops of dish soap to a spray bottle of distilled water. Apply the solution on a clean microfiber cloth to dampen it.  You never spray water directly on your device. Before turning on make sure your device is totally dry.


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