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As a business owner or manager in Tucson, Arizona, you understand the importance of providing employees with a safe and healthy workplace. Beyond just ensuring your employees are physically and emotionally secure in their work environment, it’s essential to maintain good hygiene levels in your workplace.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your business running smoothly and your employees are healthy is invest in commercial cleaning services for your Tucson facility.

The Effect of Workplace Cleanliness on Employee Health in Tucson

It is scientifically proven that workplace cleanliness is directly proportional to employee health. In Tucson workplaces, germs, allergens, dirt, and pollution threaten employees’ health. These factors can cause sickness, which can lead employees to take sick leaves or come to work and reduce the productivity of not only themselves but also their colleagues.

According to a study by the CDC, absenteeism due to infectious diseases costs employers $1,685 per employee per year. However, a commercial cleaning company can help to reduce these costs by maintaining the hygiene of your Tucson workspace, reducing the spread of contagious illnesses, and keeping your Tucson employees in good health.

The Relationship between Workplace Hygiene and Productivity in Tucson

Not only does a clean and organized workplace reduce absenteeism, but it has been proven to increase productivity in Tucson offices. In a dirty or cluttered environment, employees tend to have lower morale and productivity than in a well-maintained workplace.

Tucson employees tend to be happier and have positive attitudes toward working in a clean, hygienic environment, which increases productivity. This is supported by another study showing that employees work 8.5% harder in clean and sanitary environments.

The Role of Commercial Cleaning Services in Maintaining Workplace Cleanliness in Tucson

Commercial cleaning experts provide thorough and specialized cleaning services for every type of business. These experts come armed with the right equipment and professional-grade cleaning supplies.

A commercial cleaning company can provide regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in your Tucson office, reducing the spread of germs and creating a healthy work environment that not only reduces the risk of sick leaves but also helps to maintain a more accessible air-breathing environment.

The benefits of using a commercial cleaning company for your Tucson business go beyond just standard cleaning services. Commercial cleaning companies have specialized cleaning services designed to eliminate dust, dirt, and bacteria from hidden areas that can’t be easily cleaned. This deep cleaning helps to keep the environment healthy and, in turn, the employees more productive.


In conclusion, as a business owner or manager in Tucson, it’s essential to understand the benefits of commercial cleaning services. Investing in the right commercial cleaning company can help keep your Tucson business facility clean and hygienic and contribute to a more productive workforce.

Your employees will thank you for providing a more uncluttered, healthier, and productive workspace. So don’t wait – contact your local commercial cleaning services provider in Tucson today and make your workspace safe, clean and practical!


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