7 Ways to Say “Thank You” to Your Cleaning Crew 

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Cleaning crews perform a labor-intensive and often thankless job. Their efforts often go unnoticed because the cleaning crews usually clean the facilities after hours when no one is around. With Thank Your Cleaner Day around the corner you can use the following ways to say, “thank you” and show your cleaning crew the appreciation they deserve.  

What is Thank Your Cleaner day? 

Thank Your Cleaner Day is an extraordinary day once a year dedicated to cleaners all around the world. Keepers Commercial Cleaning wants to take this day as the perfect occasion to thank the cleaners who keep our workplaces and public buildings spotless. This year Thank Your Cleaner will be observed on October 19th, 2022. Anyone can let their cleaning staff know they recognize and appreciate their work. In short, Thank Your Cleaner Day is an opportunity for everyone working in a facility maintained by cleaners to say, “Thank You!” to their cleaning crew. 

Where does Thank Your Cleaner day come from? 

In 2015, Thank Your Cleaner Day was organized for the first time in New Zealand by the local trade organization for Building Services Contractors (BSCNZ) in collaboration with Kärcher, a world-renowned cleaning equipment supplier. Remarkably similar local partners from various countries have come together to establish Thank Your Cleaner Day on a global level. These partners found it indispensable to acknowledge the dedicated cleaners around the world, who clean outside regular office hours which often leads to unnoticed labor. 

History of the Thank Your Cleaner Day 

As mentioned above, Kärcher is the world’s leading provider of cleaning equipment. Their company supplies cleaning companies all over the world with floor scrubbers, vacuums and sweepers. Being a partner of many cleaners around the globe, Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG provides jobs for more than 13,000 people in 72 different countries. Kärcher’s participation in Thank Your Cleaner Day has shown immense engagement in social responsibility and sustainability. 

Worthwhile Ways to Say “Thank You”  

  • Refer to the following list for practical ways to thank your cleaning crew.  
  • Simply send a personalized thank-you note for their cleaning services.  
  • Assemble a basket of job-related goodies.  
  • Organize a lunch catered to the cleaning crew. 
  • Purchase gift cards to a local restaurant.  
  • Feature your cleaning crew on your organization’s social media platforms.  
  • Create a “Wall of Appreciation” with sticky notes.  
  • Return the favor by helping clean up a portion of your building. 

Final Thoughts

Keepers Commercial Cleaning looks forward to Thank Your Cleaner Day every year because our cleaners are our most important asset. Keepers takes this opportunity to show our cleaning crews just how much they mean to us. Keepers will provide a catered lunch for our cleaning crews on Thank Your Cleaner Day in addition to the practices we have in place to recognize our cleaners year-round.


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