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Schools all across Arizona are going green, choosing to use environmentally friendly cleaning products instead of standard chemically based cleaners. The reason schools are making the switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products is mainly for the health of their students. Typical cleaning companies use the same commercial cleaning products in all types of buildings they clean, however, when there are children involved, safety should always be the main focus.
Is your cleaning company using environmentally friendly cleaning products? If you are not sure, then they probably aren’t. Professional cleaners who choose to use green cleaning products are proud to promote the environmentally friendly cleaning products they use and are happy to explain the benefits of using them.

The Dangers Of Not Using Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

There are many important benefits of using environmentally friendly cleaning products in schools, as children and school staff can become exposed to potentially toxic cleaning products such as sprays and liquids. If you are unsure if your commercial cleaning company is using green cleaning products, then your school’s health is really at risk.

Here Are The Benefits Your School Will Have By Using Hired “Green Cleaners”:

Eliminates the risk of respiratory issues: Chemical-based cleaning liquids and sprays can and do cause respiratory problems when young children are exposed to them, especially on a regular basis. Exposure from commercial cleaning products can induce asthma, a chronic illness that negatively affects the respiratory tract, making it hard to breathe. Using all-natural cleaning products will eliminate the risk of respiratory problems affecting your students and staff.

Lowers cases of skin irritation: As chemical cleaning agents are used to clean surfaces and touch points, cases of rashes among students is common as contact with the skin from desks, chairs, doors, and bathroom are inevitable.

Prevents toxic chemicals from reaching the environment: by switching to a company who uses green cleaning products, your school will help to prevent toxic chemicals from reaching the environment. Eco-friendly cleaning products have labels that state they are ‘chemical free’ and safe to use around children at school.

What does Keepers Commercial Cleaning offer?

At Office Keepers, we care about the health of your students and staff, and we will do everything we can to protect the environment by using only eco-friendly cleaning products. So, if you want to avoid the use of toxic cleaning products at your school, then make sure that you hire a cleaning company who uses eco-friendly cleaning products.


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