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If you think you can save on expenses by hiring your own employee to clean your commercial space instead of hiring a professional office cleaning company, you are totally wrong. Commercial office cleaning is a complex process that only top-of-the-line cleaning companies can successfully carry out. The employee will only leave the half-cleaning space, denting your business image before clients and other employees. In worst-case scenarios, it might even result in loss of business.

But before signing on the dotted line with a commercial cleaning company, here are a few tips that you should follow –

Check the available infrastructure – A top-of-the-line cleaning company should have a trained and experienced workforce that can thoroughly clean any office premises regardless of size. They should also have the necessary tools and equipment to finish the job quickly and effectively.
Flexible Timings – Many offices and commercial establishments, especially workshops and factories, have departments that follow shift timings. The cleaning company you choose must be able to adjust its cleaning routines so that it is outside office times, even if it means coming in at odd hours. A company with a sufficient workforce only will be able to fulfill this stipulation.
Use of chemical-free cleaning solutions – This clause ensures a clean, safe and hygienic work environment. Using conventional toxic and chemical-laced cleaning products will adversely affect the health of your employees.
Licensed and insured – The commercial office cleaning services you opt for should be licensed, fully bonded and insured. This guarantees that the strangers who come in for cleaning every day can be fully trusted. After all, there will be costly equipment in your office that must be safeguarded.
Verify testimonials – This is very important. Ask for testimonials from previous and present clients. Check whether their scale of operations matches yours. Go through the website and check clients’ comments.

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line commercial office cleaning service that more than meets the above stipulations, opt for Keepers Commercial Cleaning in Arizona. Our team of trained and experienced office cleaners will clean your premises after hours not to bother you while you are working. We ensure our cleaners are thoroughly vetted before hiring so you can be sure that your office is always safe and secure.

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  1. Last week, my aunt said she’s interested in opening an office space for her business idea, so she’s working on that right now. It’s great that you elaborated on finding a cleaning company with a license and insurance to keep your work space clean, so I’ll make sure my aunt gets this right now. Thanks for the information on identifying a professional cleaning company.

  2. My brother-in-law wants to hire a janitorial service to keep the office of his small business clean at all times. Thanks for mentioning the importance of checking the testimonials of both past and present clients. I’ll make sure that my brother-in-law finds a well-reputed cleaning company by checking reviews about their services.

  3. I found it very helpful when you said to make sure that they have the right tools. Last night, I was at my sister’s house for dinner, and she talked about how she decided that she wants to hire a cleaning company to help her with keeping her office building clean. I’ll pass these tips along to her so she can know what to search for when hiring the right commercial cleaning service.