Medical Office Cleaning Costs in 2023

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The Rising Cost and Importance of Medical Office Cleaning in 2023

In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, cleanliness is not a luxury but an absolute necessity. With the increasing threat of infectious diseases, the demand for thorough and professional cleaning services in medical facilities has never been higher.

As we navigate through 2023, medical office cleaning costs have seen a significant uptick. Let’s delve into the details of these costs and understand why they are a necessary investment for any medical establishment.

The Cost of Medical Office Cleaning in 2023

When hiring a commercial cleaning company, the service cost is typically measured hourly or per square foot. In 2023, the going rate for medical office cleaning ranges from $25 to $80 per hour, averaging around $60 per hour. When charged by square footage, the prices hover between $0.08 and $0.35 per square foot.

Interestingly, the cost per square foot to clean a medical office is significantly higher than most other types of offices. This is due to meticulous attention to detail and disinfection requirements specific to the medical field.

Traditional commercial cleaning services charge anywhere from $15 to $40 per hour or $.05 to $.20 per square foot. Medical offices, however, should expect to pay a 25 percent to 50 percent premium for their cleaning services.

It’s worth noting that the cost can vary based on specific needs, the size of your office, and your geographic location, so it’s essential to get a quote tailored to your situation.

Medical Office Cleaning Costs in 2023

Key Players in the Medical Office Cleaning Services Market

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This market is primarily divided into two types of services: regular office cleaning and deep office cleaning. The application of these services extends to various healthcare establishments such as hospitals and clinics.

Factors Influencing Commercial Cleaning Costs

Understanding what drives the cost of commercial cleaning services is essential. Three major factors come into play:

  1. Specialized Equipment: Commercial cleaning involves using professional tools such as pressure washers, motorized polishers, and carpet cleaners. These tools are designed to handle extensive or hard-to-reach areas effectively, contributing to the overall cost.
  2. Optimized Cleansing Agents: High-quality cleaning agents are another factor that adds to the cost. Commercial cleaning teams often use non-toxic cleaning agents that won’t stain or corrode surfaces.
  3. Adherence to Industry Regulations: Both the medical facility and the cleaning company must comply with specific regulations. Non-compliance can lead to potential health hazards, penalties, and fines, further inflating costs.

Other factors that can affect the cost include the size of the site, the nature of the business, and the frequency of service. Larger premises naturally cost more to clean, while businesses with higher bacterial exposure risks, like medical facilities, require more diligent cleaning. Furthermore, one-time deep cleanings can cost more than regularly scheduled services.

Medical Office Cleaning Costs in 2023

The Value and Risks of Commercial Cleaning

Investing in professional commercial cleaning services for medical offices goes beyond maintaining a visually appealing environment; it’s about ensuring the safety and health of patients, staff, and visitors. Insufficient

cleaning can expose a site to bacteria and disease and non-specialists to threats such as pathogens and fungi. Moreover, failing to meet commercial cleaning guidelines can result in hefty fines from authorities and even litigation from impacted parties.

COVID-19 Complexity

The rise in the cost of cleaning services is partly due to the increased complexity and scale of cleaning tasks in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The impacts of the pandemic have emphasized the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, particularly in healthcare settings. This has increased demand for commercial cleaning services, inevitably driving prices up.

While the cost of medical office cleaning services may be higher in 2023, it’s crucial to see this as a critical investment in the health and safety of everyone in a medical facility.

Medical offices can ensure a safe, hygienic, and compliant environment by partnering with a professional cleaning service that understands healthcare settings’ unique needs and challenges.

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  1. How much should I charge to disinfect an office?

The cost of disinfecting an office can vary depending on various factors, such as the size of the office, the level of disinfection required, and the specific cleaning services included. It is recommended to obtain a detailed quote from professional commercial cleaning companies, like Keepers Commercial Cleaning, who can assess your needs and provide an accurate estimate based on industry standards and local market rates.

  1. How often should the medical office be cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning for a medical office depends on several factors, including the size of the facility, the number of employees and patients, and the nature of medical procedures performed. Generally, medical offices require regular cleaning to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. This typically involves cleaning daily or multiple times per week, focusing on high-touch surfaces, waiting areas, examination rooms, restrooms, and common areas. It is advisable to consult with a professional cleaning service provider to determine the optimal cleaning frequency based on your specific needs.

  1. How do you calculate a bid for office cleaning?

Calculating a bid for office cleaning involves considering multiple factors to ensure accurate and fair pricing. These factors may include the size and layout of the office space, the specific cleaning tasks required, the frequency of service, the level of detail, any specialized cleaning needs, and the local market rates. Commercial cleaning companies often conduct on-site assessments to evaluate the scope of work and provide a detailed proposal and cost estimate based on these factors.

  1. How many square feet can one person clean per hour?

The number of square feet that one person can clean per hour varies depending on several factors, including the type of cleaning tasks, the complexity of the space, the level of detail required, and the equipment and cleaning methods used. As a general guideline, a professional cleaner can typically clean between 1,000 to 2,500 square feet per hour. However, this can vary based on individual efficiency, specific cleaning requirements, and the condition of the space. It is recommended to consult with a professional cleaning service provider to obtain a more accurate estimate based on your unique circumstances.


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