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In the scenario that your commercial floors are carpet, regular floor cleaning is an unquestionable requirement. Think about all the pedestrian activity that the carpets experience every day such as soil, hair, morsels, and other grim that have settled. Weekly janitorial day porters can help avoid further wear and tear. When a carpet loses its quality, it very well may be hard to make it look spotless again. Poor carpet maintenance can ultimately cost your organization money to purchase new carpeting.

Busy Offices, Meeting Room Areas, and Schools

If your facility has carpeting it is best practice to clean high volume pedestrian areas monthly, utilizing a unique extraction process called thermal extraction. This process allows you to remove dust and grime from your carpet with heat rather than a liquid solution.

Be sure to clean underneath desks, chairs, and conference tables. These areas are where people commonly leave unimaginable germs.

Healthcare Commercial Floors

If someone is entering your medical office there is a high chance that they may have been infected or exposed to contagious viruses. It is essential to perform deep cleaning for your waiting room, examination rooms, and back-office space. The mundane tasks of this healthy approach can be cumbersome, it is recommended to contact your local cleaning company to help provide you with ease of mind. Commercial floors are often overlooked, however it’s crucial to disinfect every surface in your healthcare facility.

Undoubtedly Accidents Happen

Spills happen all of the time, especially if your commercial facility is a school or imaginative company. Did you know that glue and flooring are not compatible? 

Here are two tips on how to scrape & eliminate glue from damaging your floor

  1. Remove the substance: It may not be fun, more like an exercise but it is essential you or your staff immediately scrape the excess with a sharp object such as a scraper or knife 
  2. EPA-approved solutions: You do not want to make the situation even worse by utilizing harmful chemicals. Certain chemicals used to clean can activate people’s allergies and sinuses.

Maintaining Commercial Hardwood Floors

It is safe to say that everyone appreciates a well-kept rustic or modern hardwood floor. It takes skill, patience, and the right chemicals to sustain your floor’s quality. The leading cause for faded and warped wooden floors is the lack of highly trained professionals to conduct frequent maintenance. Have you ever noticed a gap greater than ¼-inch wide between your wood floorboards? Why does this happen you may have wondered. The truth is that mother nature not only affects us outside but it also has an impact on the interiors of buildings as well.

The physics behind wood floors is that they will shrink in size as it dries out. Precipitation and or humidity from the environment will have a negative effect on your floors over time. Despite the season, floorboard gaps should never exceed a ¼ of an inch. You have to allow room for your hardwood floors to expand and contract due to their physical nature. In the case that there is not enough room then you run the risk of your floors being damaged at the seams. Be sure to consult with your local Keepers Commercial Cleaning to inquire on best practices to maintain your businesses commercial floors.

Final Thoughts

With out a doubt, it is crucial Arizona businesses keep up a presentable appearance with their commercial floors. Your company’s immaculate appearance will be essential in representing your brand. Indeed, it’s unlikely that customers will continue doing business with you if their first impression is tainted due to unclean flooring. Furthermore, the appearance of your office or manufacturing facility can affect your business from achieving its fiscal goals. 

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