What are Carpet Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning Differences?

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No commercial environment can be truly clean without addressing the floor that you walk on every day. This post will help you determine what is the difference in carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning, while also detailing some of the benefits that they can offer your business.

If you’ve ever walked into an office with a dirty carpet, you were likely pretty uncomfortable. A dirty carpet can immediately ruin the mood and ambiance of an office or business. Dirty carpets represent not only a lack of hygiene, but a lack of professionalism on the part of the business owner.

Here we will detail the 2 most popular types of carpet cleaning.


1). What is Steam Carpet Cleaning: Despite the name, steam cleaning actually doesn’t involve steam. Instead, what you are doing is employing a type of cleaning method known as hot water extraction. Using heavy machines, steam carpet cleaning involves pushing hot water into your carpet before a separate mechanism immediately pulls it back up.

So What are the Benefits:

* Hot water works to immediately dissolve dirt and other buildups.

* Because the water is so hot it does the work of many chemicals, so much less cleaning agents are used, also reducing that “chemical odor” smell in your building.

* Using special cleaning agents, our steam carpet cleaning machines are able to get rid of old stains.

* Steam carpet cleaning can help to quickly improve odor and appearance in your carpet.

2). Carpet Dry Cleaning: Dry carpet cleaning isn’t completely dry, but it is much different than steam cleaning. With dry carpet cleaning method, you’ll use a slightly moist, absorbent chemical that is deposited onto your carpet. This chemical absorbs dirt, buildup and other stains.

So What are the Benefits:

* No dealing with excess moisture and drying times.

Clean Your Carpets with Office Keepers:

At Office Keepers, it is clear to us that the best option for your carpet is steam cleaning. In fact, that is the only carpet service we offer. Our goal has always been to provide our clients with clean, effective and efficient services. Our team of highly trained and professional cleaners are available every day out of the week to help you get your building in order. Call us today to schedule a free proposal for the cleaning of your carpets. 480-306-7100.


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