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As the colder months approach, this season also marks a time to take greater health precautions. Additionally, many companies are now returning to their shared office spaces from working remotely since the initial outbreak of Covid-19.

As these upcoming months approach, it is significant that effective cleaning efforts are made to maintain a healthy work environment. Not only does cleaning and disinfecting the workspace create a safer environment for your staff, it can also provide peace of mind and reinforce the sense of a fresh start. Considering the many benefits of keeping shared office spaces clean, below are a few tips to implement this holiday season.

1. Schedule a Deep Cleaning Before Returning to Work

After many months (and some cases over a year) of empty offices, you may want to consider hiring a professional cleaning company. As experts, we can perform a deep cleaning service prior to your staff returning to work. Providing an in-depth cleaning of the office ensures that no dark and forgotten corners are thriving with germs.

By improving the cleanliness of the work environment, employees can have increased productivity. In addition to the initial deep clean, we recommend scheduling routine deep cleanings to maintain a cleaner office. It is essential to prepare the environment with the utmost care of maintenance to ensure a healthier workspace.

2. Regularly Clean the Desk Space

Employees’ personal desks are often overlooked when it comes to high exposure of germs.

According to research provided by microbiologist Gerba, if the desk space is left uncleaned, millions of bacteria are sustained. This large number of bacteria could potentially cause illness. Consider cleaning areas regularly such as keyboards, phones, and desktops to avoid bacterial overgrowth. Specific tools such as a keyboard brush can best reach hard to clean surfaces. By wiping down the desktop, employees’ will be keeping their personal space free of germs and maintaining a healthier immune system.

3. Disinfect all Handles and Doorknobs

While employees’ desk areas contain excess germs, the doorknobs and handles are one of the fastest ways viruses and bacteria can spread. Since these items are touched so frequently, rarely do they receive enough cleaning attention as often as they should.

Doorknobs are among the top 5 dirtiest objects in an office. If exposed, these germs have a higher risk of suppressing immune systems. By using chemicals that are EPA approved, you are more likely to have a long-lasting effectiveness in eliminating virus and germs.

4. Dust and Disinfect Neglected Areas

Another form of office cleaning we suggest would be to inspect the areas that have been neglected.

Dusting and disinfecting are great forms of cleaning for an office that has been left empty. The top of bookshelves, fake plants, and light fixtures are just some examples of what can be overlooked when dusting and disinfecting. Dusting is also essential because it improves environmental safety.

5. Clean the Communal Areas Often

One of the highest foot-traffic areas in a facility is the communal areas.

You may want to ask a professional cleaning company to perform an occasional in-depth cleaning. This will ensure your building is not only clean but disinfected for the safety and protection of your staff. This cleaning should include a disinfectant spraying method using a device to spray all surfaces in common areas. Chemicals that are EPA approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 should be used to best fight this virus. The risk of infection will decrease significantly by keeping the communal areas clean.

6. Wipe Down the Kitchen Appliances

Have you noticed leftover food in the fridge that has slowly made a permanent spot on the shelf? Nothing is worse than using dirty kitchen appliances from previous co-workers. Make sure to routinely throw out food that is no longer fresh in the fridge and pantry shelves. Wipe down all shelves after removing each food item to remove dirt.

Another form to clean the office kitchen properly is wiping down the countertops as often as possible. To ensure a cleaner kitchen, implement a routine cleaning in the kitchen for employees to follow.

7. Arrange for a Regular Disinfection Cleaning

Whether you’re returning to work after several months, or you are back at the office, we recommend arranging a regular disinfection cleaning.

Professional cleaning companies have the best knowledge and experience to undertake a disinfection cleaning of your premises. Many of the previous tips are not as effective if regular cleanings are not performed. Why not take this opportunity to solidify a cleaner environment?

As a leading janitorial company, we transform the workplace effortlessly. Whether you are a facility of 200+ employees, or a singular office, we can help transform your workplace to become more COVID resistant than ever before. In response to the threat of COVID-19, here at Office Keepers we have made several adjustments in our business. We are dedicated to keeping our customers as well as our employees safe — in our offices, and in the facilities of our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us at 480-306-7100 to receive an estimate. May the holidays be much more enjoyable having the peace of mind of a cleaner office.


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